Patricia Barraza, President

Bringing over 25 years of self experience with the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS).  As a Financial Eligibility Supervisor she was responsible for managing staff, reviewing case files to ensure financial determination had been processed correctly utilizing ALTCS policy and procedures. Patricia resolved client complaints and concerns in appropriate time frames and suggested resolutions.  She developed training materials and conducted training sessions.  Her ability to multi-task and excel at problem solving assisted the office by facilitating teamwork and improving morale.  She assisted the policy and legal department by reviewing trusts, clarifying policy and attend hearings on behalf of staff (statewide).
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As a Quality Assurance specialist, Patricia was responsible for reviewing financial eligibility determinations made by ALTCS specialists statewide.  Helping the State of Arizona reduce it's error rate by 6.6% down to 2.15%.

Patricia has worked with several local elder law firms as a Public Benefits Specialist.  She provided assistance and consulted with attorneys to determine the best course of action in qualifying for ALTCS and/or VA.  She assisted in the preparation of asset protection plans, trusts and other Paralegal duties. 

She completed the ALTCS paperwork, applications and appointments.  Patricia established relationships with other skilled members of the community to assist clients in getting the highest quality health care and quality of life.

Patricia has traveled world wide and can deal effectively with individuals of wide and diverse backgrounds.  She is  hard-working, conscientious and reliable.  You will be treated with respect and understanding.  Making sure she values the safety and protection of everyone involved.

Patricia is a member of the & the National Ethics Association

Patricia has an AZ state insurance license and can assist with Medicaid Annuity purchase.  

Call Patricia today 623.329.9369 

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