ALTCS Financial Eligibility requirements:

Resource limit:

for a married couple $27,728- $128,640

Income limit: $2,349 monthly gross

If your income exceeds this amount, an Income Only Trust (Miller) may be used.

Patricia is a dedicated professional well-versed in many specialized areas & an expert in all of your ALTCS planning needs. Patricia brings a diverse background to the table, allowing her to assist  you with your application for ALTCS. This gives Valley of the Sun Medicaid Planning an edge when dealing with complex ALTCS planning matters. Often, more than one area of expertise is required.  She can provide you with comprehensive resource support in many areas.

Valley of the Sun Medicaid Planning offers $120 initial home visit consultations.

Fees for other services (listed below) are extra.

Call Patricia today to ensure your loved one is on the way to a better quality of life because 79% of those applying on their own will be denied by ALTCS.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Review financial & medical requirements for ALTCS (Medicaid)
  • Provide spenddown or asset protection plan 
  • Submit application for ALTCS
  • Attend ALTCS (Medicaid) appointment on your behalf
  • Monitor the ALTCS (Medicaid) application process
  • Provide referrals to appropriate agencies
  • Determine if you are eligible for other State or VA assistance
  • Other services may be available
    Medical Eligibility requirements: The applicant must meet or exceed a combination of functional & medical factors as established by the Preadmission Screening process.  The applicant must need long term care at a level of care comparable to that provided in a nursing facility.

    There are other non-financial requirements to be met.
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