As usual, the beginning of a new calendar year brings with it a change in Medicare benefits. Medicare Part A services and supplies in 2017 will cover the first 60 days of hospital stay with the exception of a $1,316 deductible. Medicaid will cover all but $329 per day from the 61st -90th day and $658 per day from the 91st -150th day. As usual, nothing will be covered by Medicare after the 150th day.

With respect to skilled nursing facility care, the usual three-day prior hospital stay is necessary before entrance to the facility and entrance must occur within 30 days after the hospital discharge. For the first 20 days of extended care, Medicare pays 100% of the costs. It covers all but $164.50 per day from the 21st-100th day and nothing beyond that.

With respect to Medicare Part B services and supplies, Medicare generally continues to cover all eligible expenses after a $183 Part B deductible.
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