Common Myth's

You need an attorney to apply for ALTCS.  Unless, you need a legal document prepared there is no need to hire an attorney.  Patricia has the expertise needed to get your application approved.

Why are there fees involved?  As you would pay for tax preparation or a plumber your fee to Valley of the Sun Medicaid planning ensures that your application is completed correctly and timely.

Can I apply on my own?  Yes, although without the proper guidance 79% of the applications submitted are denied. 

Will I lose my home? No however,  there will be a lien placed on the home that will be subject to recovery at the time of the recipients death.  There are exceptions and the recovery is only the amount ALTCS paid on behalf of the recipient.  Think about as getting a loan from the State to pay for healthcare.

I have Medicare why can't they pay for my Long Term Care.  Medicare and Medicaid are two different programs. Medicare is part of your Social Security benefit that covers hospitalization and other type coverage.  Medicaid is the program that helps with the cost of long term care benefits.

If I cash in my investments will I have to pay the I.R.S.? In most cases yes. Talk to your financial planner or tax preparer before you make any decisions.

What is medical eligibility?  This means that the person applying for Medicaid/ALTCS has to be at nursing home level of care requiring assistance with Activities of Daily Living such as bathing, dressing, getting in & out of bed/chair/toilet, etc.  A person does not have to be in a nursing home to meet this criteria.  

I have a reverse mortgage on my home, will that prevent me from qualifying for Medicaid/ALTCS?  It depends on how long you took out the reverse mortgage and if it is making payments or have a line of credit.

I have a coin collection will that count as an asset?  Yes.

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